Demon Sled

$ 1,446.89

• Promotes proper explosive form, drive phase and improves acceleration.
• Optimized training angle simulates actual running conditions.
• Configurable for any athlete of any size or gender.
• Helps create and help with proper “Drive Phase” form.
• Can replace up to 7+ pieces of equipment, all in one!
• Multi-Sport training for explosiveness and acceleration. (Football, Track, Soccer, Baseball, Softball, Swimming, etc)
• Configurable for adding weights in some embodiments to increase friction. (any Olympic style plate will work. Weights NOT Included)

Product Description


Pro-level athletic training sled.

·         Brand:  Demon Sled
·         Category:  Sleds
·         Weight:  110lbs
·         Width:  32″
·         Length:  100″
·         Height:  64″ (36″ Folded down)
·         Material:  Schedule 40 steel
·         Color:  Black
·         Finishing:  Commercial Grade Coating
·         Made in USA/TX/AL:  Yes

Additional Information

Weight 140 lbs
Dimensions 100 x 10 x 10 in


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