Demon Sled™, LLC is an Austin based firm that has developed a revolutionary athletic training sled that helps coaches amateur/professional athletes and trainers, promote proper explosive form and improve acceleration.  The Demon Sled is configurable for adding weights in some embodiments to increase friction and provide weight-training, by lifting portions of the sled.  The problem is most athletes aren’t achieving their acceleration development goals no matter how much time, money and effort they spend.  It’s not due to a shortage of fitness programs, content, tools, coaches or trainers.  The real reason athletes don’t see measurable results are because those other “sleds” aren’t designed to work in conjunction with proper running form and improve acceleration.

For example, people that have used a parachute attachment or pull sleds may have seen some results but have never been able to become quicker out our the blocks or on the snap count. Many times they may gain a fraction of a second but as soon as they quit, their explosiveness and muscle memory that was built while using a “pull sled,” is lost.  Or, the individual that has been using more traditional methods, (EX. huddle hops, bleacher sprints, resistant bands, etc.) has plateaued with regards to their own body weight training and not been able to push themselves further with strength, speed and agility.  The company presently has a final prototype, manufacturing firm and 3 patents approved.

  • Individuals struggle to maintain proper form when using pull sleds.
  • Able to improve acceleration.
  • Coaches face the constraints of time, scheduling, training and re-training athletes with proper explosive running form.
  • Recruiting hip and leg muscles to tie in power movement.
  • Combining multiple pieces of equipment and incorporating them into one for speed and power training.
  • Forward explosive power throughout the whole body. Not contained to only pulling!
  • Solutions

Demon Sled has developed a unique, patent-approved/issued athletic sled for professionals (HS Coaches, College Coaches, Cross-Fit enthusiast and Amateur & Professional Athletes) to deliver the highest results of proper running form, acceleration, explosiveness and muscle memory.  The athlete’s use of the Demon Sled at the optimized training angle simulates actual running conditions ideal for obtaining top speed as a sprinter or cornerback, for example.  The optimized training angle and arrangement of the shoulder member also encourages an athlete while using the Demon Sled to pump his or her arms in a manner that conditions the athlete for faster running in competition.  Furthermore, the optimized training angle and arrangement of the shoulder member encourages proper hip placement while using the Demon Sled.  Details and benefits of the company’s solutions are listed below:

  • Revolutionize the way athletes train for acceleration, strength and muscle memory
  • Promotes proper explosive form and improve acceleration
  • Created patented push sled approach
  • One sled that replaces multiple pieces of equipment
  • Strengthen the athlete while running with proper form
  • Variable key uses to improve speed, strength and accountability
  • Easy for amateur to professional athletes to train
  • The piece of equipment itself is a Coach. It will correct form and teach perfect position loading without saying a single word to the user
  • Demon Sled is configurable for adding weights in some embodiments to increase friction
  • Integrating the multiple parts of forward motion acceleration in lieu of pulling
  • Incorporate mobile technology for tracking individual athletes matrix and progress
  • APT device provides coaches/trainers/athletes the ability to easily track progression
  • Integrated speed training, acceleration, tracking, reporting, analysis

Note From Chad Leath – Creator and Inventor

When I was a college sprinter we would finish our sprint workouts with several sled pulls to improve our drive phase. In my senior year I was pulling the sled and our coach was telling us sprinters that we needed to be more powerful and that we needed to get our hips forward. As I am pulling the sled I realize how difficult it is to “push” your hips forward when you have a sled pulling your hips backward.  It was easier to just lean forward and let your body weight pull the sled instead of actually pushing into the ground to create movement. After our practice I go to work and can’t get this idea out of my head of creating a sled that teaches you to push with the hips and allows free arm movement. After a few days of pondering the idea I came up with a very rough draft of Demon Sled.

About a year later I came into contact with Yancy and when I presented him with this drawing of the sled he immediately loved it and wanted in.  We built the very first small scale model prototype out of wire and drove down to his friend down in Porter Texas.  They loved how passionate we were about the sled and how it could greatly enhance power training.

Over the course of the next 6 months, we worked on the sled when timed allowed and eventually the first full size prototype.  At this point we were able to start testing it on athletes and the reality truly set in that we were able to accomplish everything that I first thought about, that day on the track, back in college.  It was real and we were using the sled on athletes and they were amazed.

About a year later, Jaylon Plunkett was sitting in Yancy’s living room discussing another fitness business Jaylon was involved in and Yancy remembers thinking then entire time, “we need this guy on our team to help us get Demon Sled moving forward in an aggressive manner.  The moment Jaylon was done with his presentation, Yancy said, “my business partner Chad and I need to show you something”.  Once Jaylon heard saw the sled, he’s was immediately motivated and passionate about the future of Demon Sled.  It’s been a fun ride ever since.

Demon Sled is for real!